3 popular destinations for european cruises

Posted by admin on November 20, 2017 in Travel |

European cruises are becoming more popular for travelers of all types because of the beautiful sights, the variety of amenities on-board, and the ability to visit many European countries without the hassle of plane or train rides. Three popular destinations for these cruises to visit are Italy, Greece, and Spain.

These countries are becoming the most visited cities by European cruises mainly because of their open ports, cultural offerings, and proximity to one another. A European cruise ship may dock in several cities within these countries. For example, a ship may visit Athens, Mykonos, Rhodes, or Santorini if Greece is on the itinerary. Ports of call in Italy can include Rome, Florence, Venice, or Naples, while a visit to Spain can be made via Barcelona or Malaga.

All three countries have very active tourism industries, which make the perfect destinations. Travelers on European cruises have a variety of options to choose from once they dock. They can either book an excursion to explore local landmarks and attractions, or they can explore the local shops and tourist spots on their own. The port cities of Rome, Santorini, and Barcelona are very popular because of the number of landmarks located within a short distance of the cruise ship docks.

European cruises offer travelers unparalleled luxury, limited travel challenges, and the ability to experience different European cultures in a short amount of time. A cruise along the Mediterranean Ocean to Spain, Rome, or Greece is an opportunity all tourists should seize!

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