Marmou Car Rental was founded in Marbella, Spain, by Marwan Moubayed in 1982. The company name, which has become a trademark, is the first three letters of the founders first and last name, (Mar)wan-(Mou)bayed. In 1991, Moubayed opened a branch for his company in Damascus, naming it Marmou Syria. It expanded to include two other car rental companies, Marmou & Co and Urnina for Transport, and in 1994, Moubayed founded Marmou for Tourism. In 1996, Marmou Syria dislocated from its former sister companies. It changed its entire fleet in 2003, purchasing a wide variety of brand-new, full-option automobiles of different sizes. Currently, Marmou Syria offers a wide variety of services that range between car rental, hired valet parking, tour of Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan in a chauffeur-driven automobile, It has two offices, in downtown Damascus at the Shaalan neighborhood, and at Damascus International Airport. It is currently a member of Moubayed Group, owned by Marwan Moubayed, its CEO, and managed by Sami Moubayed.